are no longer an issue!


You can start your one-on-one course immediately.
You will get tutored by high calibre staff.
You will know what is the right approach and the required knowledge for your exam.
You will do it from home via Skype.
You can schedule your sessions in hours, after hours or on weekends.
You can choose intensive courses to meet your deadline.
You pay little, compared to the outcome.
Success guaranteed!

It's the KFP result and the time for recognition of the IMG SOS candidates! Well done Dr Ignatius Oyugbo, Dr Sima Torabian, Dr Mohamed Rasheed, Dr Ketharanathan Sitparan, Dr Ira Pant, Dr Stephanie Seah, Dr Mehdi Noori,  Dr Mina Younan, Dr Anna Kozii, Dr Omid Gouranourimy, Dr Ellie Asadi, Dr Azar Mirzaee, Dr Reihaneh Nikrou, Dr Sovan Dey, Dr Saeid Teherhani, Dr Angela Kohler, Dr Roya Gorgi, Dr Sarwat Azra, Dr Felix Dafe, Dr Loke Tang, Dr Marlina  Ab Rahman , Dr Aseel marioud, Dr Tint San, Dr Kavitha Sujeeve, Dr Tabassum Khanam, Dr Motahareh Oveisi, Dr Maria Demesa, Dr Rodolfo Yuchongco, Dr Anita Coutinho, Dr Roya Gorji, Dr Maryam Moghadas, Dr Mahdi Fazlian, Dr Ashraf Al-Asaly, Dr Hamidreza Saeedfar, Dr Mayasa Jasim and Dr Ahmad Hosseini. 

IMG SOS team - 29/03/2017


1. Fill out an application form here
You will be asked to list your availability in the form.

2. You will receive an offer letter with the course details and fees within one working day.
Offer letters will be issued subject to the availability of places.

3. Make a payment and voila!
The tutor (s) will contact you within 5 working days from payment should you wish to start at once. If you stated a future start date in your application, the tutor (s) will contact you 2 weeks prior to that date.


IMG SOS is a professional course provider for medical licensing exams, located at Level 14, 380 St Kilda Road, Melbourne Vic 3004.

IMG SOS is a fast growing company that understands the needs of IMG doctors and provides effective, smart and fast solutions to prepare overseas trained doctors for their AMC/FRACGP/PESCI exams.

IMG SOS is listed by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) as a bridging course provider.

The tutoring team is comprised of qualified tutors, fellowship examiners at the Royal College of GPs, Medical Educators, GP Mentors, IMGs and Australian trained doctors. All our tutors have a track record of tutoring success.

Our core business is to provide one-on-one AMC (MCQ & Clincal) courses, PESCI and FRACGP (AKT/KFP/OSCE) preparation, via Skype, in order to help each candidate within an individualised context and focus on individual's needs. Students can also book face-to-face courses run at our centre.

Unlike other course providers where you have to work within a group or wait for a long time before you can start a course. IMG SOS provides one-on-one courses that are available at the time you sign-up, with immediate start and a customised session schedule that suits your unique needs. No time is wasted with other students!

100% positive feedback has been received on our process, content and tutors. More satisfied doctors are enrolling and/or extending their sessions.

A Word From a Tutor

“The reason we have a high success rate among our students is the one-on-one course style; the tutors focus on a student's performance and provide him/her with constant feedback.
We, as tutors, are trained to be exam oriented. Therefore, our crash courses are enough for a student to achieve a success mark.” Dr. Nardine Elzahaby