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Are you an experienced and a busy doctor who is going to sit the fellowship exam soon? We can help you pass the exam, secure your provider number and gain your fellowship status through an online one-on-one crash course that will equip you with what it takes to pass the exam. 

Claim your free 2-day video training series on KFP/OSCE exams and know what it takes to pass the exam.

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Our one-on-one courses are specially designed to meet your unique needs and your busy schedule. They are thorough, can be scheduled at the times that suit you, are delivered via Skype when you are at home.

Our tutors are high calibre doctors who have worked as RACGP Fellowship College examiners, Medical Educators, GP Mentors and/or university professors. 

We will modify your approach well, and help you grow your confidence. We will give you clues to point you in the right direction of the answer in the exams. 

We will also refresh the first principles and the basic assessment process so that you do not jump ahead but meet the exam requirements.

If you are unhappy cancel anytime and receive a refund.

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AKT, KFP or OSCE  Short Course

-6 hours one-on-one tutoring

-Taking the right approach

-Avoiding critical errors

-Level assessment and feedback

-Key issues

-Time management

-Answers to your questions

-A short guide tutorial to pass the exam

-You can schedule your sessions in hours or after hours

-You can schedule your sessions on weekends

-You can start NOW!

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6-Week extensive Course (AKT, KFP or OSCE)

- 30 hours one-on-one tutoring via Skype (5 hours per week). It covers hundreds of cases. No time is wasted with other students.

- This  online one-on-one course can be scheduled at the time of your convenience and addresses your level of knowledge and performance.

It measures your improvement against the KFP or OSCE exams requirements and provides you with constant feedback and guidance.

- Our friendly tutors will train you and build your approach step by step in order to develop your skills for the exam, and explain to you any gap in your knowledge.  

-The course is provided by RACGP fellowship college examiners, medical educators, fellow doctors and high calibre professors or associate professors at various universities who know what it takes to pass the exam.

- This course is suitable for those who don’t want to risk sitting the exam without being ready. 

- Can be given intense in 3 weeks.

Success guaranteed!

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