A Doctor Looking for a Job?

Our recruitment team at IMG SOS are committed to matching individuals to the best positions available. Once you have completed your course with us and passed your exams, we can assist you in reaching your career goals whether it is a GP role, a locum vacancy or a hospital position. During this process we aim to build strong relationships, allowing us to develop a clear understanding of your qualifications and needs, so that your expectations can be met. This information will then be used to source the best opportunities within your field of expertise.

An Employer Looking for a doctor?

Our recruitment team at IMG SOS have access to a large pool of successful doctors who have completed our training program. Our candidates have trained with us in some well designed FRACGP / AMC courses which have been delivered in a personalized format. Therefore, we know our candidates well. We have built strong relationships with them and know their expertise, qualifications and abilities. We have also been their partners in their exam challenges, we have helped many of them achieve their Fellowship or General Registration. Let us know your requirement, and we can certainly help out. We refer some highly committed, perfectly matched candidates. We also take care of the process to make it simple for you. Get started with us now!  

Tutor positions at IMG SOS

Fellowship examiners at the college, medical educators, experienced local GPs and IMGs with high scores in the AMC exams are encouraged to apply by sending their CV to lyndal@imgsos.com.au

IMG SOS Recruit Contact

Level 14, 380 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, VIC 3004

Email: recruit@imgsos.com.au

Asha Pochin: 0456 088 839

Toll free: 1300 766 249