Start Your GP Practice

- 5 tips to launch a successful medical practice without prior knowledge.  

- How to manage the business side easily without wasting money or time.

- 3 ways to have 70 new patients on day 1 of opening.


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Why do doctors hesitate to launch a GP practice or fail on the way?

Many doctors are very experienced and talented in their medical profession and treating patients. However, when it comes to the business side of things, and how they have to deal with finance, legal, accreditation and project management, they find the mission challenging. They have every right to think this way because it really is. Unless, you have the right people around you to manage those tasks for you, you can not focus on the role that you can do best... being a principal doctor or a medical director!

Why the location and design of a GP practice make or break you?

We make a market research for you with a full feasibility study so that you know what to expect from the location of your choice. You will make decisions with confidence. The medical practice fit out gives an impression about your medical performance! We deal with the best architects and designers in the field, taking care of every detail.

How sales and marketing play a pivotal role in success?

You can be an experienced and knowledgable doctor. However, unless you are able to reach patients and get them to know you and your capabilities, your business won't flourish. If you don't present yourself the right way and gain the respect and admiration you deserve, your business won't be valued by the community. It's about sales and marketing.

How to have the council and the medicare on your side?

You don't have to struggle with licensing or accreditation for many months when it can be done fast for you. Why not just leave it to experienced people who know how to accelerate the process?