1. Eligibility: To qualify for a referral commission, you must refer a student before they enrol in one of IMG SOS courses, they must be a new student who has not previously taken any courses with us, and they must enrol within two months of your referral.
  2. Commission Criteria: Once the referred person successfully enrols and completes their payment for a course, you will be eligible for a referral commission.
  3. Commission Amount: The commission amount is 5% of the course fee if the student mentioned in their application that they found us through a friend/colleague, and 4% if they mentioned other sources.
  4. Payment Process: Referral commissions will be processed and paid out according to the payment schedule determined by IMG SOS. Typically, commissions are paid out after the referred person completes all payments if they are on a payment plan and any applicable refund period has passed. Payments are made in the first week of each month.
  5. Multiple Referrals: You may refer multiple friends or colleagues to IMG SOS. You will receive a commission for the first enrolment of each referred person. 
  6. Tracking Process: IMG SOS will track your referrals, transfer the commission to your nominated bank account and email you a remittance advice in due course. However, you can follow up and ask for updates by emailing info@imgsos.com.au.
  7. Discretionary Changes: IMG SOS reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral program without prior notice. This includes changes to the commission rates, eligibility criteria, or referral link tracking system.

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