1. What's different about IMG SOS compared to other course providers?

Our one-on-one course style provides individualised attention, allowing for a tailored approach to learning and addressing specific strengths and weaknesses. Also, it provides tailored instruction, efficient use of time and adequate exam preparation. Furthermore, we have an excellent pass rate. We only retain the best tutors. We provide rich materials. We use advanced platforms and software to allocate tutors, schedule sessions, and manage courses. Therefore, a student can start the course promptly with a flexible schedule. We help students pass their exams, which is what we do best!

2. How does the course work?

When you enrol, the tutors will contact you within five working days to schedule sessions at mutually agreed times. Or, you can directly book slots in their calendars. They will then run the classes via Zoom or MS Teams, and train you to meet the exam requirements. So, they will work on your techniques, exam skills, knowledge, any critical errors you make, and advise you on what the examiners look for. Finally, they will equip you with all that it takes to pass the exam.

3. Who are the tutors ?

All the fellowship courses, including PESCI and PEPEA, are delivered by high-calibre doctors who are fellows of the college. The team comprised Australian-trained doctors, native Aussies, medical educators, and examiners. Local IMG doctors on limited or general registration deliver the AMC course. All our tutors have a track record of tutoring success.

4. How much is the course?

Please complete an application form via the website, and we will email you an offer letter, including all the details.

5. Why is the course expensive?

The course is not expensive because it is individualised and includes a doctor's dedicated time. It is an investment that pays for itself several times. The course helps the candidates become fellows or obtain accreditation sooner and avoid repetitive failure, which is the course's value.

6. Do you offer free or trial sessions?

Unfortunately, we don't offer trial sessions. However, we guarantee satisfaction. So, if you enrol and don't like the course, you can cancel it and receive a refund according to our cancellation policy.

7. How to enrol?

Please complete a form via the website, and we will email you an offer letter within one working day with the course details, fees and payment links. Choose a package, click the payment link in the PDF file and follow the prompts to enrol.

8. When is the best time to start the course?

We recommend 2-3 months before the exam. The tutors can also advise you on your readiness for the exam during the course.

9. How soon can I start the course? My exam is very soon.

You can start within five days of payment. You can access the material within 24 hours.  

10. My exam is next year. Should I wait until then?

We recommend that you start the course now to get the momentum and access the resources and put the course on hold mid-way for self-study. You can then resume the course closer to the exam. 

11. I have shift work. Can the classes be scheduled around them?

Yes, the course is flexible. You can schedule sessions with your tutors at mutually agreed times. You can do mornings, after hours or weekends as long as your tutors are also available.

12. Can I obtain recordings of the classes?

Unfortunately, recording is not allowed. You can find the course rules here.

13. How long are my credit and material access valid if I pay now and start later?

Your credit is valid for two years from the payment date. That means you can start your course at any point within two years. However, once you start the course, you can access the resources for a maximum of 12 weeks or until four weeks after completing your 1:1 classes, whichever is later.

14. Can I choose my tutor?

If you know a specific tutor, you can request them in your application. We will allocate them if they are available. Otherwise, we will assign a different tutor.

15. Is there a list of tutors?

Yes, the list is here. Please note directly contacting the tutors before enrolling is not allowed.

16. What if I am unhappy with my tutor?

You can change your tutor one time during the course.

17. Is there a place available at the moment?

Please enrol and secure your place early to avoid any frustration.

18. I received an offer in the past. Can I use it?

Yes, you can use it if the payment links are still working. Otherwise, please complete a form again via the website. Also, note we can't offer you a discount promotion if you have had an offer within the last six months.

19. I missed the 3-day promotion by one day. Can I still get a discount?

We can give you an exception and allow the discount if you provide compelling reasons, such as being away without Internet access.

20. What do you mean by success guaranteed?

From experience, we know our students pass their exams. You will pass your exam if you study well and follow your tutors' instructions. However, you must still take responsibility for the exam outcome. We don't offer money back or free courses in the case of failure.

21. What's your success rate?

The success rate varies from one package to another. However, the average success rate is currently 80%.

22. I submitted an application a few days ago but haven't received a reply ?

Please check your spam folder or email so we can resend your offer.

23. Can I get a special discount if I take a second course?

Yes, you can get a 7% discount on your second course. Please email us for the discount coupon.

24. Which package is the best?

The extensive package is always the best when you don't want to leave any room for failure. However, you can look at the regular packages if you are advanced and have studied well.

25. Can the 30 hours include more than one exam component?

Yes, they can. You can allocate the course hours to the exam components you need. Also, you can save the hours for later if you prepare for two exams that do not run simultaneously.

26. Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, there are payment plans available. The details will be included in your offer letter.

27. I forgot to enter the discount coupon even though I enrolled within three days. What can I do?

You can request the discount here.

28. What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your course within the first two weeks and receive a pro-rata refund, less charges. You can find the policy details here.

29. I failed the exam twice, is there hope?

Of course, there is hope, but you must try a different study approach. That's why we are here.

IMG SOS is endorsed by the Australian Medical Council (AMC).

Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I have passed the exam by a huge score. I have applied for the imgsos osce course and hopefully will speak to you guys soon. Many thanks and kind regards.

— Dr Shahroze Khan

Best moment of my career. SOOO Happy. With IMG SOS every exam I have taken I passed. 100% success rate :) Thank you so much for all your support. I get calls from my friends after they find my name on IMG SOS web feedback, asking if IMG SOS is good or not. I always say it is the best help :) 

— Dr Sovan Dey

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