What is one-to-one practice, and how is it more efficient than studying from a textbook? One-to-one practice acts as a simulation to the exam and has a role-play format. It is more efficient than studying from a textbook because it allows students receive continuous feedback. It also covers some practical aspects of the exam that cannot be learned from a textbook. In addition, it includes guidance and tips to avoid critical and common exam errors. 

How does IMG SOS help me pass my exams? IMG SOS tutors can easily find your points of weakness, and through one-to-one practice, they work on them and make sure you become competent enough to pass the exam. The tutor doctors will give you a road map for the exam and advise you on what the examiners are looking for, what to focus on and other essential tips.

Why is it different from one-to-one practice with a colleague or a study partner? A colleague might not have enough experience with the exam requirements or the techniques and tools to pass the exam. In contrast, a tutor is fully qualified and has enough experience to teach you rather than to just study with you. In addition, a tutor is more concerned about your learning curve and dedicated to your development. They can spend as much time as you need covering any particular area you want.

Is going to a face to face course any better? As the exam is now delivered online, the preparation course is best delivered in the same format. However, we also offer on-campus courses. Contact us for more details. 

What is the session structure? Our program has more than one method of tutoring, all based on your level of knowledge, needs and how much time left before your exam. The main benefit comes from the role play, despite providing access to supporting material. We always make sure our candidates are part of the tutoring process and welcome any suggestions. 

Does your course really make me ready for the exam? Yes, it does. If you follow the instructions of the tutors and study well, you will undoubtedly pass your exam. However, you need to select the right plan or number of sessions. 

I am not sure which plan is suitable in my case. If you are confident in your practice, you can start with regular course. However, we recommend a comprehensive course if you have a practice gap or failed the exam before. 

What is the refund policy? We will deduct the online portal access fee and refund the incomplete sessions on a pro-rata basis within 30 days of receiving a cancellation request and bank account details.

What if I do not feel comfortable with my tutor? You are entitled to change your tutor one time, subject to availability. 

I failed the exam twice, is there hope? Of course, there is hope, but you have to try a different approach in your study. That's why we are here. 

How soon can I start the course? My exam is very soon. You can start within five days of payment, subject to availability.   

IMG SOS is endorsed by the Australian Medical Council (AMC).

Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that I have passed the exam by a huge score. I have applied for the imgsos osce course and hopefully will speak to you guys soon. Many thanks and kind regards.

— Dr Shahroze Khan

Best moment of my career. SOOO Happy. With IMG SOS every exam I have taken I passed. 100% success rate :) Thank you so much for all your support. I get calls from my friends after they find my name on IMG SOS web feedback, asking if IMG SOS is good or not. I always say it is the best help :) 

— Dr Sovan Dey

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