Frequently Asked Questions

What is one-to-one practice and how is it more efficient than studying from a textbook?
One-to-one practice acts as a simulation exam and has a role play format. It is more efficient than studying from a textbook because it allows the student to receive continuous feedback during the session. It also covers some practical aspects of the exam that cannot be achieved from a textbook as well as the guidance and critical errors tips provided by the tutor.

How does IMG SOS help me pass my exams?
IMG SOS tutors can easily find your points of weakness and through one-to-one practice they work on them and make sure you become competent enough to pass the exam. The tutor doctors will give you a road map for the exam and advise you on what the examiners are looking for, what the critical errors that you must never make are, what to focus on and other important tips.

Why is it different from one-to-one practice with any colleague?
A colleague might not have enough experience with the exam requirements or the techniques and tools to pass the exam, whereas a tutor is fully qualified and has enough experience to teach you rather than to just study with you. A tutor is more concerned about your learning curve and dedicated to your own development and can spend as much time as you need covering any particular area you want.

Is going to a face to face course any better?
Practicing online from your place with IMG SOS will save you the time and effort of a trip to a course centre. If you reside in a city where there is no available face to face course you would not need to travel. The session times are flexible, so you can work or look after your children while undertaking a course with IMG SOS. Furthermore, it is focused on you, not on a group. The IMG SOS course is also available all the time at a competitive price.

What is the structure of the session and how are you going to tutor?
Our program has more than one method of tutoring, all based on your level of knowledge, your weaknesses and how much time left before your exam. We always make sure our candidates are part of the tutoring process and welcome any suggestions from them that might help to get better prepared for the exams.

Does your course really make me ready for the exam?
Yes it does. However, you need to select the right plan or number of sessions based on your level and performance.

I am not sure which plan is suitable in my case
If you feel confident about your level you can start with a plan with less hours and the tutor will give you feedback at its end. If you feel that you need extra learning time you can select an extensive plan.

What is the refund policy?
You will receive a refund for the unheld sessions within 30 days if you cancel any time before or during the course.

What if I do not feel comfortable with my tutor?
We can arrange for another tutor if we have one available, otherwise you can cancel your course and receive a refund for the remaining sessions.

I failed the exam twice, is there hope?
Of course there is hope, but you have to try alternative preparation methods and rely on external support.

I filled in an application form. Can I hear from you before making a purchase?
Yes, but please let us know you would like to consult with us first by sending us a separate request from the ‘contact us’ page.

How soon can I book my sessions? My exam is very soon.
Earlier session times cannot be guaranteed due to the limitation of places. The sooner you book your course the more likely you will be able to secure your desired time spot.